More than 3 decades, Thai Nippon Steel and Sumikin Engineering & Construction Corporation won the 2019 PTTEP Myanmar Asset SSHE Forum “Strive for SSHE Target Zero and Sustainable Environment”, enhancing work safety standards

Thai Nippon Steel and Sumikin Engineering and Construction Corporation Limited (TNS), is the operator of industry, engineering, maintenance related to the offshore platforms for more than 32 years.

            Over the past 3 decades, the Company has been a part of the development of the oil and gas production industry through our construction expertise as the first machinery manufacturer in Thailand. There are over 170 platforms which have been designed and installed by the Company.

            The informed source revealed that the Company recently joined the signing of the contract and awarded as a platinum work safety company at the 2019 PTTEP Myanmar Asset SSHE Forum “Strive for SSHE Target Zero and Sustainable Environment” in Yangon, Myanmar. In this regard, Mr. Virach Tantivipa – SEO CD CMD & BFD, Mr. Wuttisak Jantarapa – GM BFD, Mr. Wong Rui Wong – Senior Manager PMO and Mr. Jeerawat Charoenpol – Senior Manager HSE attended that event.

            The award is a guarantee of safety, security, occupational health and environment standards for the Company very well, which is the top priority of the Company coupled with the development of quality and safety work. The Company has professional and honest contractors and multi-ethnic team that will fully meet the needs of customers.

            With the most effective management, Mr. Hiroyuki Kurosaki, Chief Executive Officer, was awarded the CEO Contractor Award – Silver Class at the PTTEP SSHE Contractor Forum. In this regard, Mr. Akihiro Suzuki is the representative of Nippon Steel and Sumikin Engineering to receive the award as a project operation without injury record. This emphasizes the image of the Company in the attention of employee welfare and safety and the most efficient work.

            TNS is a joint venture between Nippon Steel from Japan and ITD of Thailand. The Company was established in 1987 to operate in the steel business for industrial plants and engineering, maintenance related to the offshore platforms. There are many important projects in Thailand that the Company has participated in, such as the Bongkot Arthit Project of PTTEP and the projects of Mubadala and Salamanders Company, etc. The Company is committed to providing the best service and engaging with people in Thailand and the region by making ourselves more capable and expanding the business in this region according to the vision and mission of TNS.

            The Company is the first company in Thailand that provides services to build platforms for industrial and energy businesses, which has been recognized by many organizations. This is resulting in the continuous growth of the Company today.