AIS joins China Unicom Global announcing strategic cooperation to strengthen ICT services, expanding the customer’s base and enhancing the business of both countries.

AIS joins China Unicom Global, the international arm of a major telecommunication provider in China becoming strategic partners of bilateral cooperation to fully release the business potential both at home and abroad by enhancing the network interconnections between Thailand and China, providing various customized ICT services for customers with superior quality of service. This cooperation is ready to serve Thai corporate customers who want to access to the large market of China, and Chinese corporate customers who intend to do business in Thailand.
          The ICT services under the cooperation between AIS and China Unicom Global consist of International Connectivity, Data Center and Cloud, IoT, Big Data for Tourist, Mobile Gaming Service and Payment Gateway, etc.
          It is an affirmation of AIS’s technology leadership that is ready to provide robust ICT services to the next level by able to serve customers both in Thailand and abroad more efficiently and increasing regional competitiveness.