Pilatus Marine permits a budget of 157 million baht to purchase gas delivery vehicles with equipment, increasing investment opportunities to expand comprehensive services. The goal is for revenue in 2024 to reach a billion baht.

Mr. Varawit Chimtawan, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pilatus Marine Public Company Limited, also known as PLT, a business operator of transporting liquefied petroleum gas by ship and truck, revealed that the Company’s board of directors has decided to approve the purchase of 33 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) trucks and 33 liquefied petroleum gas tanks with accessories. This was decided by signing a contract with Isuzu Nakornluang Motor Company Limited to purchase ISUZU trucks, and a contract with Thai Metal Product Industry Company Limited and Sutee Tankers and Special Truck Company Limited to purchase LPG gas tanks and truck accessories. The total value of these contracts is 157,590,060 baht.

            The PLT Director and CEO went on to say that this is a critical step toward building a robust trucking cargo transportation business, boosting investment opportunities, broadening the scope of offering comprehensive and effective liquid cargo transportation services, fostering long-term growth and stability, and assisting OR with transportation work as the company won the bidding last year. The Company signed a contract on 10 May 2023 to transport petroleum products and other goods by truck (liquid petroleum gas type) in the central, eastern, and western regions with a total of 39 trucks ready to serve after PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited, or OR, selected the Company to be the transporter of petroleum products and other goods by truck (liquefied petroleum gas type).

            The five-year contract’s transportation period runs from 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2028. The Company is optimistic that the transportation volume from the contract, along with the growth of the road transportation customer base, will result in a 150–200% increase in the Company’s transportation volume in 2024 compared to the transportation volume in 2022, showcasing the leadership potential and proficiency of Thailand’s LPG transportation services.

            In order to enable PLT to become a leader in the business of providing complete LPG gas services, the company is preparing to expand its LPG gas business into the household sector. It is doing this by responding to the growing demand for LPG gas in the household sector, which is increasing in accordance with the global situation, under the brand of a leading energy company in Thailand. The Company is striving for excellence in business operations in accordance with the established strategy, building strength and determination to drive the PLT business group to sustainable growth, and setting a goal of 1,000 million baht in revenue by 2024.

To four years at Pilatus Marine

            Pilatus Marine Public Company Limited, the leader and operator of liquefied petroleum products transportation by sea and land, was established in 2010. It offers liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) transportation services and is well-known among business operators in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) transportation industry for its ability to run a highly competitive business with efficient transportation management and maximum safety over Thai waters in local trade vessels covering the Gulf of Thailand and vessels engaged in near-coastal voyages, including Cambodia and Vietnam.

            PLT places a high value on providing services that meet the needs of its customers through a team of experienced and skilled seafarers who have over a decade of experience working on gas carriers and have completed theoretical and practical training courses alongside customers on a continuous basis.

            We are prepared to provide a diverse range of transportation services, including futures transportation contracts and voyage charter, to cater the diverse requirements of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality and transportation services for liquefied petroleum products. We are cognizant of the significance of ensuring the safety and quality of service provided to our customers.